Prayer Room

christine familyThe Prayer Room is a place to give and receive prayer support. Stop by and share any joys or concerns that you would like us to hold in prayer. Take a few minutes to offer prayer and words of encouragement to others who have shared.


(Photo of contributing writer Christine Gough and family.)


One thought on “Prayer Room

  1. I stumbled upon this site on Pinterest, while I was looking for parenting help with our three year old son. He is a sweet, loving boy, but lately with his brother just turning one, trying to walk, and saying words at a fast stream, he’s had trouble adjusting and is really acting out. I know he is seeking attention, but even when his “cup” is filled or overflowing with love, he still acts out. If this isn’t all hard enough for his poor little brain, my mother, his strong, loving, always there for he and his brother (as well as his mother) Baba (grandmother) is battling lung cancer. Please, please pray for my mother. For Jesus to heal her with His all merciful hand and restore her health, completely. Dear friends, I pray and I beg for your prayers. My mother is our rock and we need her. My children are her light. Please pray for me to help my son to find his way. I thank you all for your prayers.

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