Family Liturgies

Introduction to Family Liturgies

Jack takes a drink

Photo by Matt Clingan. Used with permission.

Practicing Families will post a family liturgy each Monday morning. Most of the time, these liturgies will be based on one of the lectionary scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday.

This liturgy material is not designed as an order of worship or a rigid “to do” list of spiritual tasks. Rather it is intended to be a guide as you develop a rhythm of Bible study, prayer, and worship that fits well with your family.

Here are a few suggestions of ways you might use the liturgy material:

  • have a weekly time of family worship where you use whatever parts of the material is meaningful for you
  • use a different piece of the liturgy during daily (or thereabouts) family devotion time
  • use family meal time as an opportunity to read and discuss the scripture for the week

Several different writers will provide the Monday liturgies, so you will find a variety of approaches and perspectives represented. To broaden our perspective even further, we would love for you to share comments about how your family uses the liturgies and what insights your children have into the weekly scriptures.

Finally, just a few technical notes:

  • When there are responsive readings and prayers, the leader part is in plain text and the group response is in bold.
  • You are welcome to make copies as needed for your family.
  • Permission is granted to use these materials in corporate worship and/or Christian education settings provided that acknowledgment is given to Practicing Families and the individual writer.

Blessings to you as you seek to follow the way of Christ ever more faithfully within your family.


2 thoughts on “Introduction to Family Liturgies

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  2. Great idea! I’m all in favor of using the beauty of words to connect with the story of the gospel. To that end I’ve been posting ‘trios’ of scripture that resonate with an image of Christ, and combining them with a prayer that takes its structure from liturgy. You’re welcome to visit Blue Stone City and have a look. On Ash Wednesday I’ll be posting one called ‘Ashes’ for the start of Lent. Blessings to you! ~Miriam

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