Family Liturgies

Family Liturgy: First Week of Lent

Photo by Doug Koch: prairie burn, views north, south, Chase county (used by permission)

Photo by Doug Koch: prairie burn, views north, south, Chase county (used by permission)

Scripture: Luke 4:1-13

Scripture Reading Ideas

  •  Have three candles set out and light one candle each time Jesus resists a temptation
  • Read through the story with Lego illustrations at the Brick Testament

Memory Verse: “Worship the Lord your God and serve only God.” Luke 4:8


Holy God, You are with us when things are going well.
And we thank you.
You are with us when things are hard.
And we thank you.
You help us to make good, loving choices.
And we thank you.
You guide us by your Holy Spirit.
And we thank you.
You teach us through your words in the Bible.
And we thank you.
Be with us, guide us, and teach us each day.


Every day we face choices. Sometimes other people might try to get us to make choices that would be harmful to us or to others. Sometimes we might want to make choices that are not the choices God would want us to make. We can prepare ourselves to make good choices by learning what God teaches in the Bible and by praying to and listening for God every day.

Jesus was able to resist the temptations in the wilderness because he knew that his importance came from God’s love for him and his love for God. Jesus did not need to do any fancy tricks to prove himself. He did not need to make God prove God’s love for him. Jesus was able to say “no” to the Tempter because he knew he was deeply loved by God.

Questions to Discuss:

  • Has someone ever asked you to do something you knew was not right? How did you respond?
  • What is your favorite Bible verse? How might that verse help you make good choices?
  • What is one thing that can remind you that God loves you very much?

Spiritual Practice: Engaging the Scripture

–Supplies Needed: 3 sheets of drawing paper; crayons, markers, or colored pencils; Bible

  1. Read the scripture passage again: Luke 4:1-13.
  2. On each piece of paper, draw one of the three temptation scenes. You might want to draw Jesus and the devil, or simply draw what you think Jesus would have seen.
  3. Then on each scene write a Bible verse that might help someone make a good choice in a difficult situation. You could use the verse Jesus uses in this passage, or write down one of your favorite verses.

[by Joanna Harader]

*For general information about our Monday family liturgies, read this introduction.


2 thoughts on “Family Liturgy: First Week of Lent

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  2. This is a wonderful resource with one big caveat: some of the Lego illustrations in the Brick Bible may be offensive to parents. One of my parishoners was shocked to discover two naked Lego people having sex in the marriage section. There is also Lego sex in the Genesis account of “becoming one flesh”. I’m more concerned that using toys to illustrate intimate relationships might trivialize them.

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