Family Liturgies

Praise the Lord!


Scripture: Psalm 148

Below is a responsive reading adapted from the psalm; a leader reads the plain text, everyone reads the bold together.

Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord from the heavens.
Praise God in the heavens above.
Praise God, sun and moon.
Praise God, all you shining stars.
Let all of them praise the name of the Lord,
because God gave a command and they were created.
God set them in place for ever and ever.
God gave them laws they will always have to obey.
Praise the Lord from the earth,
you great sea creatures and all of the deepest parts of the ocean.
Praise God, lightning and hail, snow and clouds.
Praise God, you stormy winds that obey.
Praise God, all you mountains and hills.
Praise God, all you fruit trees and cedar trees.
Praise God, all you wild animals and cattle.
Praise God, you small creatures and flying birds.
Praise God, you kings of the earth and all nations.
Praise God, all you princes and rulers on earth.
Praise God, young men and young women.
Praise God, old people and children.
Let them praise the name of the Lord.
God’s name alone is honored.
God’s glory is higher than the earth and the heavens.
Praise the


Memory Verse: “Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise God in the heights above.”~Psalm 148:1

Prayer: Make a list together of things for which you are grateful and use these thanksgivings in a responsive prayer:

Generous God, we come to you in prayer now to offer our praise and thanksgiving.
For ____________________
We thank you, God.
For ____________________
We thank you, God.

[Repeat this pattern until you have finished your list.]

May we live this day in gratitude for all you have given us.


Engaging the Scripture:

Look through old magazines and cut out pictures that represent the things mentioned in Psalm 148 that praise the Lord. Can you find pictures of the moon, the stars, clouds, cows, old people, young people . . . ? Make a collage with all of your pictures.

Alternately, you might want to go on a photo scavenger hunt and see how many things from the psalm you can take pictures of: fish, fruit trees, flying birds . . . . As you take pictures, give thanks to God for the beauty of creation.


Spiritual Practice: Gratitude Journal

During family devotions or meal time, ask each family member to share one thing for which they are thankful. Write these items down in a notebook and be sure to include them in your family prayer. You can give direction to this sharing if you like. For example:

What do you like best about the person sitting on your right?
What is the most fun thing you did today?
What is something nice that someone said to you today?
Tell us about one beautiful thing you saw or heard today.

Joanna Harader



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