Practicing with Children

Renewed Day by Day

Craziness or rather chaos seems to be the theme of my family’s life these days. Some days it feels like we are running around with our heads cut off scattered between school, work, homework, afterschool extra-curriculars, night meetings, and birthday parties. While I would like to think that my family’s situation is unique, I am willing to bet that some reading this have felt the same.

It was a few weeks ago, after dragging the kids out of bed after they stayed up a bit too late reading, that I realized how chaotic things had gotten. Our two girls were especially slow-moving and a bit on the Baltimore crabby side this particular morning.  It took twice as long to get our morning tasks done: get dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, baby brother fed, bookbags packed, searching for a missing shoe, and all the other pieces that fill the morning.  We arrived to the school doors 10 minutes after the bell tolled, which now looking back was actually good given how the morning went.  Oh Lordy!

There was, however, one saving grace to the morning: our walk to school. While the mornings inside of our house are full of busyness and other randomness, we are blessed with the gift of getting outside into the wide, open space to walk to our local city elementary school. These 5-7 minute walks to school are just what we need to regroup, clear our minds, and refocus on what is important.  It’s amazing the transformation that happens in our girls through nothing that my husband or I say or do.  And I have no doubt that this is all God’s working and doing.

Day by Day

I am not sure I would see or understand how sacred these morning walks are if it wasn’t for my kids.  It is only through seeing their morning walk transformations that I realized that each one of us is touched and transformed. God is always at work on us—even in the midst of the nuttiness, craziest, and crabbiest of times—and most of the time we are completely oblivious of this transformation journey.

Thanks be to God for our kids that ground us and show us our God at work!

– Rev. Jenn DiFrancesco


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