Practicing with Children

The first letter of God’s name. . .

We’re going to do a “greatest hits” over the next few months. This was one of the most viewed  Practicing with Children posts from the last year. I still love the picture Erika included with her post. I hope it reconnects with some of you that read it before and speaks to you that haven’t seen it before. — AT, Editor for Practicing with Children

Practicing Families

From the backseat, my five-year-old asked, slowly, “Mommy, is ‘T’ the first number for God?”

It took me a minute, but I figured out he was trying to spell.

rearview mirror questions

“No, baby,” I told him, “the letters for God are g-o-d.”

He was fidgeting with his hands, I could tell, but I was driving and didn’t turn around.

“Is ‘T’ for Jesus?” He sounded perplexed; he was still looking down at his hands, in his lap.

“No, it’s not…” I spelled Jesus for him.

Finally he held up his hands, so I could see them in the rearview mirror. He’d crossed his fingers, made a ‘T’ out of them.  “Then why,” he asked me, “does this mean God?”

I panicked. I started to stutter.

I felt a wild mash of insecurity and regret and hope run through my body. This was my chance to tell my kid about the cross. There’s…

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