Family Liturgies

Treasured Possessions

2199757095by Tara Wiley

Scripture: Deuteronomy 14:2 (NIV)
For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession.



Spring arrives messily where we live. Winter months of whipping winds layer trash through the ice and snow, and as the thaw arrives, bits and pieces of debris litter every piece of landscape.

This afternoon, as our five-year-old daughter was playing in the yard, she kept bringing ‘treasure’ to me: a candy bar, fully intact, probably from the previous Halloween (yes, our winter begins in October).

“Oh, Mommy, can I eat it?” No, dear.

Next came cardboard bits, forgotten yard toys… and then, with great enthusiasm, she came running in the door with a nickel!

Her joy over small monetary treasure drew me back to the Scriptural truth we had studied that morning at church: We are His treasured possession, so deeply valued that He stepped into our messy world to keep His word, to find us, rescue us and hold us near.


Spiritual Practice:

After the spontaneous cleanup of the yard, we sat around the dinner table and spiritually parsed Deuteronomy 14:2. We took the last phrase, “The Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession,” and spent time reflecting on one to two words at a time:

“The Lord.” Who is He? What character traits is He exhibiting here?

“Has chosen.” What does it say to your heart, to know that God chooses to engage with us, humanity, in relationship so dear and personal that He regards us as His treasured possession?

“You.” His eyes, on you, His beloved. You, an antecedent for treasured possession. Replace it with your own name, or take turns speaking the sentence over the person next to you: “The Lord has chosen you, my sister Kate, to be His treasured possession.”

“To be.” What does it look like on a practical level, to BE God’s treasured possession? How does it change who I am, how I act or react or feel on a daily basis?

“His.” An intimate relationship initiated by God. What emotional response does this bring? Is there a fear that needs to be addressed, an awe to be affirmed in worship?

“Treasured possession.” The Hebrew term denotes an item of great value or worth. Consider the ways God demonstrates the high value He places on each of us. Consider how this might impact the way we view, and consequently treat, one another.

Taking a passage apart like this corporately leaves room for discussion that can reveal much about our spiritual understanding and concerns. Even our kindergarten-aged child was able to easily contribute as we took time to dwell on each word.



Oh, Father, this verse leaves me breathless in wonder. You love me like this? I tend to see my value more along the lines of the nickel or months-old candy bar. You say differently. You say I am of great value; I am Your treasured possession. Let me rest in this place of knowing I am treasured by You. Let this truth permeate my very being and change my perspective on how I view not just myself, but everyone around me. Let me live and love like You do, Lord.


Tara Wiley is an air force wife, homeschooling mother of two, worship leader and violinist, whose passion is for God’s glory to be reflected in her daily life.


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