Family Liturgies

Family Liturgy: Where You Are

Photo Credit: Matt Clingan

Photo Credit: Matt Clingan

By Chris Lenshyn

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35 (The Message)

In this text, we have 2 disciples, both weary travellers on the road to Emmaus. They departed from Jerusalem, which was about 7 miles away, having just experienced the brutal death by crucifixion of the man they thought to be savior. They were in mourning, tired, and full of wonder and doubt. The beautiful part of this story is that the resurrected Jesus meets them along the way. Jesus meets them exactly where they are. He is not waiting for them in a temple; he is not waiting for the practice of ritualistic sacrifices before he reveals himself. He meets them right where they are, in their mourning, exhaustion, wonder and doubt.

Something to Consider:
Do you meet people where they are? Do you let people meet you, exactly where you are? Or do you only meet people on your own terms? It is a pivotal question that often determines who it is we relate to, and the depth at which we relate.

Spiritual Practice:
Here is a simple example: the next time you are at a party, gathering, or even church service, look for the person in the room that is the least likely to have anyone talk to them and simply go and have a conversation. Think of the people you know who are relationally neglected. Meet them exactly where they are. You could invite them over for dinner, out for coffee, or even better yet, be their guest. Meet them where they are and dare to allow them to meet you where you are, relational vulnerabilities and all.

You can encourage your school aged children to do this. Every school has kids who are unpopular, or who do not have many friends. Encourage your children to befriend the “new kid” or the “uncool” kid in class.

As a family, read the Luke text and brainstorm: who are the people  in your world who most need people to meet them where they are? Write their names on a list and pray for them.

Thank you for meeting us where we are. In our own vulnerabilities, wonder, and doubt, you meet us along the way. May we be a people who dare to offer hospitality to your presence in the midst of the realities of our life which may disconnect us from your presence. Inspire us to be a people who follow your example, who dare to meet people where they are, clear and clean from the relational expectations of this world, and allow them to meet us where we are.
For your resurrection, and the opportunity to be a resurrected people, we are thankful. Amen.


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