Family Liturgies

Family Liturgy: Jesus Feeds the 5000

feeding 5000By Pastor Sara Wolbrecht

To set up your time together as a family, open your Bible to Matthew 14:13-21. Also, cue up your computer or phone to this video version of Jesus feeding the 5000. There may be an advertisement prior to the video. Watch the ad and then pause the video so it is ready for your family to enjoy.

Family Liturgy

Explain to your children that you are going to watch and listen to Jesus Feeding 5000 people. Show them the heading for Matthew 14:13-21 in your Bible and then play the video.

This story shows us that little things can be very important! Pray the responsive prayer below as a family. The prayer uses the line: “Because little things are very important” Practice the stament and response with your children.

Parent: “Because little things…”
Everybody: “…are very important!”

Parent: Now let’s pray: Thank you, God, that you are always with us. You were with Jesus and the crowd that day as they sat on the grass and their hungry bellies were filled with food. You used the little things of two fish and five loaves of bread to feed thousands of people! Wow! It’s amazing that you were able to do that! And we know, God, that you continue to do important things in the little things we have, too. Help us today, to use the the little things we have to do the important things you want to do because little things…

Everybody: …are very important!

Parent: Help us to look for little ways to see and help those who are in need so that we can be your people who feed the hungry, love the lonely, and to heal the hurting. Use all of our little things because little things…

Everybody: …are very important!

Parent: When we speak with our family and friends help us to do the little things like listen well and speak words that are kind because little things…

Everybody: …are very important!

Parent: When we have the chance to use the little words like: please and thank you, help us, God, to use them because little things…

Everybody: …are very important!

Parent: Thank you, God, for all the little things you do for us that are so important. For providing us with friends and family who love us, with food to eat, clothes to wear, and beautiful ways to play and enjoy the life you give us. Thank you that you will be with us all day today. Help us to see the little ways you encourage us, bless us, and challenge us to follow Jesus and live with your love and generosity. Because little things…

Everybody: …are very important!

Parent: And everybody said…

Everybody: Amen!


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