The Prayer of a Millennial Mom


photo credit: Jarek  Jarosz via photopin cc

photo credit: Jarek Jarosz via photopin cc

Osheta Moore posted this prayer on her Facebook page last week and graciously gave permission for us to share it with all of you:

 Dear God,

Help me to not overreact when my son says with too much cynicism for a tween “I’m not even *sure* I believe in God” OR when he comes in from a bike ride all breathless and hopeful to say he had a really good “TAWG” (time alone with God).

He’s learning and growing, and testing you for your goodness. It’s natural and I should just trust Your Spirit. So, Jesus, help me accept the messy unfolding of his faith journey so that I don’t manufacture “teaching moments.” At the same time, Lord, give me the courage to not pass up the opportunities that blossom naturally for fear of sounding too “preachy.” Help me be authentic and lead first with *my* Jesus stories- the story of when we first met, how you meet me at my lowest, and the ways you show up in the ordinary.

Help me take this whole child-owning-his faith-thing in stride and with aplomb. But really, Lord…if I’m honest…like you know the hairs on my head honest…you know that my eleven year old boy choosing to have TAWG time makes me wanna “Oh Happy Day” dance. I’ll just happy dance around the corner out of his eyesight and TOTALLY seen by you! Do you, Jesus and let me trust the process. Thanks be to God and Amen! And of course, HALLELUJER!


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