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Matthew 22: 34-46 “A Daring Love”

love thy neighbor–by Chris Lenshyn

Scripture: Matthew 22:34-46

A classic text that if read with a daring faithfulness will push the reader into a place wherein they think of the people who are in need of unconditional love. This can be a daring experience because often the people who need love are the people whom our society tells us to, or systematically compels us to ignore or ostracize. So the very act of asking whom can we love is a radical act of obedience and could very well be reflective of our own prejudice. Yet, even more uncomfortably, this love is divinely dynamic enough to love those who do the ostracizing. Of course the love is tangibly different, but the message remains; God’s love is radically transforming.

To love like that is to love as people made in the image of God, who loves us with that very same daring love. To love like that is to actively love God who loves others just as much as God loves you. To love is to give. To give is to understand the depths by which love can transform. Love is a divine experience.

How do you show unconditional love?

In what ways have you seen loving others be a transforming experience for all people involved?

How is loving people difficult?

Spiritual Practice:

With your family, sit down and brainstorm two things specifically. First brainstorm different ways you can show love and compassion to someone or a group of people. They can be little things like “making a meal” or bigger things like “buying a whole bunch of groceries.” Secondly, think about all the people in your neighbourhood or town who need that kind of love. Be as specific as possible, and pray for those people who you write down. Pick one person or a group of people and show them love by doing one of your “how to show love” ideas that you thought of earlier. Love can be the active compassion that changes someone’s day, or if you dare to dream and pray big, it can change someone’s life. Pick

A couple tips on brainstorming. Think as creatively as you can. The thing with brainstorming is that everything is fair game. Write down everything, and turn off all filters. Some of the better ways to brainstorm include a big whiteboard, with multiple colour markers (make sure they are dry erase), or a big flip chart where you can write down a whole bunch of different words or phrases.


Almighty and loving God, dare us to love. Compel us to love in a manner fitting of those whom you made in your image. Impart us courage to do so. Inspire us to give. May we see the world transform at the sight of your love. Amen.



3 thoughts on “Matthew 22: 34-46 “A Daring Love”

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  2. This is beautiful!
    It’s not abt what religion you believe in but more abt humanity, most of our problems will end the day we understand that.

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