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A Word of Intention

~by Janet Trevino Elizarraraz


As we enter into 2015, I also invite in an intention. I’m not entirely into creating New Year’s resolutions because they miss the essence of who we are. They don’t go deep enough as they simply try to change our behavior but not our hearts. For true change to come forth, our hearts need to evolve. I’ll outline below some of the steps that I’ve taken to come into the essence of who I am and what I desire by creating a Word of Intention for 2015.

I know that we have a powerful way of creating our lives and future with how we choose to see it. So, weeks earlier, I envisioned what that word would be for me…what do I desire for 2015 that could hold the spirit of what I’d like to see.

The first question that I ask is, what would look different about my life if I were living the life I desire. Imagine for a moment that you fell asleep and magically upon waking, your life is exactly like you’d like for it to be. Write down what that would look like.  Be very clear about what you see, hear, and even taste!

I separate the next step even though it’s one of the 5 senses because it holds a lot of power in creating our life. Feel that which you want to feel as if your life were as you desire. Feelings are great manifesters. We tend to allow our feelings to bubble up unchecked, and forget that we also have the ability to bring in the feelings we want to experience. Consider when you daydream.  You create a world that usually isn’t the one you live in, and we feel the images that come forth. Now, you have the 2015 you want; what does it feel like?

Lastly, I enjoy looking at “needs” words that help me express what I’m needing and valuing, and having a list of words to work from can be very helpful in finding the intentional word that could define my 2015. Explore words that could begin to move your imagination and shape your intention for the new year. Here’s a beginning list that could help you:

I’ve used in the past words like Connection and Strength to create intention around my year. Finding one word can have the power to focus all our energy and keep us grounded when we’ve lost our way.

Once you’ve found your word, you can write it out in a prominent place. I like using dry erase markers on windows that are often looked out when cooking or in other mindless work areas. It could be the bathroom mirror or on a card you place in the dashboard of the car. When you look at the word, bring back the feelings that you’d associate with that word and imagine already living from its truth. This has power of turning around any undesirable situation.

After much soul searching and listening, I found my word for 2015. It’s a bit unconventional while it holds the intensity that only this word can hold for me… Orgasmic. 2015 is about being explosive in life and in work. Its expansion and unknown expectations is exactly how I see my life opening up. And as in true orgasmic fashion, it doesn’t always come in our timing or if we seek it directly; it comes when we least expect it and/or when we’re focused on bringing pleasure and joy into our lives. It’s not something that can be controled or coerced. Yes… orgasmic. Bring it.

What is your word for 2015? It’s waiting for you to feel and walk in it!


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