Practicing with Children

The Final Debate (Finding Your Truth)

img_20160925_210522-1–By Matt Clingan

I would like to take the discussion of the election and move it someplace else.  There is a lot of noise and obscuring of truth.  Both of them say things that have truth as they see and understand it.

Sometimes it is hard to know the truth.

I have two friends of mine that are getting a divorce.  It is breaking my heart; the pain; the heartache; the sickness.  Both of them say things that have truth as they see and understand it.  I see both of them wanting to be understood, but not seeking to understand.  They aren’t listening to each other because they miss the full context of each others’ words.

Sometimes it is hard to know the truth.

We have all been in places where we didn’t know the truth.

When the truth is obscure, look beyond it.

When the thing you seek isn’t before you, look inside to find patience.

Avoid the chatter, the noise, the distraction, the clumsy attempts to take you somewhere you don’t need to be.

Sit still, in the silence.

Listen to the still small voice.

The cricket.

The wind.

The spirit.

The leaves of the trees.  Can you hear them?  The leaves: They are clapping. One leaf touching another is barely audible.  Thousands of leaves touching each other creates a chorus; the sound of the universe. God smiling.

The past is perception.

The future is unknown.

The moment is the sole reality.

Focus on it.

Take a step.  How does it feel?  The perfect decision, solution, answer will never be found.  The right one for you can be.


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