Season Change

Season Change
by Joanna Harader

Last night I dreamt of an ice storm
as our window fan sucked in the dark, crisp air.
This morning I pulled on long-neglected jeans
and a thin jacket which I shivered under
as I walked the dog, wanting to climb into his soft, warm fur.
The season is changing in Kansas.
I need a wardrobe adjustment
and maybe an extra blanket.

Last week I celebrated by youngest daughter’s 13th birthday.
I talked to the staff who work with my son
in his semi-independent apartment living.
I picked my older daughter up from her pre-natal doctor’s visit.
My parenting season is changing, too.
I need a schedule adjustment
and maybe an extra dose of wisdom.

Last month white supremacists marched in Charlottesville
bearing torches and spewing violence.
Last week “Christian” leaders published the Nashville Statement,
picking off the scabs of old wounds inflicted on queer people by the church.
A few days ago, the president announced an end to DACA,
creating uncertainty and fear for 800,000 young immigrants.
The national season is changing.
I need love and attention for all children now
and maybe—and definitely—the breath of the Spirit.


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