What’s Your Message?
Practicing Parents

What’s Your Message?

~ by Christine Gough On Christmas morning I did a little internal squeal when I opened up a package containing a frivolous item that had been on my wish list…a felt letter board.  A few days after the hoopla of the 25th, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were helping me cut apart the hundreds of plastic … Continue reading


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Seeing God – in Church of All Places!

~ By Miranda Grummon The reputations of Christians and the church isn’t exactly stellar in the secular world.  Churches are closed-minded, they say. Homophobic.  Judgmental.  Hypocritical.  Why on earth would someone want to be a part of a church community?  Well…..what if, instead of only hearing the negative press, I could tell them about the love, … Continue reading